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About Rockwell

Dr. Louis V. Haynes

Dr. Louis V. Haynes

As the founder of Rockwell Behavioral Health , I have a deep passion for changing the way we view mental health. To establish its legitimacy in healthcare, psychology has long adopted a bio-medical model approach to diagnosis and treatment. Similar to traditional healthcare, it can be reductionistic and problem-centric. However, we know the absence of illness is not health. Just because you're not depressed, does not mean you are thriving in life and well-being. I believe psychology can be so much more than just focused on pathology; that everyone could benefit from its wisdom and enhance the quality of their life and relationships.

Jared Day, LCPC

Clinical Supervisor

Everything starts with a safe environment to explore and evaluate. I believe in meeting people where they are at & matching the tools to the problems. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy. I have additional training in LGBTQIA+ issues, teens, Identity development, trauma informed care (EMDR), addictions, Latino mental health, & mood disorders.

As a queer therapist, I believe we all have the power to harness our strengths and find the path that gives us the most meaning and purpose. I hear you when you say people just don’t get what you’re going through or that it’s difficult being something outside the “norm.” You deserve to feel hopeful, happy, and love who you are. Let's figure it out together.

Jared Day, LCPC
Amanda Santiago, MA

Amanda Santiago, LPC

I am dedicated to assisting others in discovering their values and finding meaning in their life experiences. I believe we all deserve self-compassion and a sense of self-worth—even during our toughest moments. Whether you are struggling to find your purpose, adjust to change, cope with stress, or work through interpersonal conflict, it can be a powerful experience to share your story in a non-judgmental, genuine space. I have experience working with trauma, co-dependency, existential anxiety, addiction, and personality disorders while ensuring the integrity of mental health care.

Edward Alderson, LPC, NCC

As your therapist, I create a nonjudgmental, safe, healing space to address your present challenges and difficulties while exploring yourself with new-found kindness and curiosity. 

I take an integrative, strengths-based approach that supports individuals as they work to overcome depression/mood disorders, anxiety, stress, unresolved trauma, relationship issues, and men’s issues.  I work with clients from diverse backgrounds, populations, religions, geographies, sexualities and genders, and abilities, and have a passion for working with the LGBTQIA+ community. 


As our work evolves, I strive to build upon your inner strengths in discovering new paths to bring about the positive changes you desire.  Through our therapeutic relationship, honoring you, your experiences and worldview, I hope you can discover a greater self-understanding to foster increased authenticity, self-acceptance and self-compassion. 

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T'cia Chatman, LSW

I am a licensed social worker who has over 20 years work experience with children and families. I have demonstrated a passion to empower people and assist them in leading an emotional healthier life. I utilize tools of education, compassion, and empathy to meet this goal. I have worked with individuals and couples involving : anxiety, depression, parenting, life skills, anger management, healthy relationships, trauma, effective communication and sexual health. I look forward to being a part of your progress!

Muzic Epkins, MA

Everyone deserves an outlet to express themselves and communicate their emotions in an open, safe, and nonjudgmental space. I believe in working in a partnership with you to guide you to discovering your strengths through life challenges and to achieve the best version of yourself. My role is to encourage, empower, support, and guide you through all life situations. I use a practical, empathizing, humorous, and compassionate approach to therapy. I encourage using self-gratitude when developing a greater sense of self and understanding your emotional needs. I am committed to empowering you with the tools, education, and knowledge you need to perform optimally in daily situations. Together we can work to safely explore how past traumas have shaped the person you are and establish goals toward how you would like to grow. I have worked with individuals to help with anxiety, depression, effective communication, relationship issues, unresolved trauma, stress and work life. I have a passion for working with adolescents, adults and couples to provide a greater sense of wellness and well-being.

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Victoria Fombelle, LPC

Counseling with me is built on a warm, authentic, nonjudgmental relationship that is personally catered to your unique goals and needs. As a queer counselor passionate about equity and social justice, I focus on making room for all aspects of your identity empowerment through an intersectional, trauma-informed lens. Together, we can work on topics including trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, relationships, sexuality, identity, family dynamics, and beyond. I specialize in working with queer and neurodivergent individual and relationship/couples clients. My hope is to create an environment of safety, growth, healing, acceptance, and positive momentum

Briana Mitchell, LPC

Supported by compassionate guidance, your well-being takes center stage in our therapy sessions. With me as your therapist, you will be provided a safe space to freely express yourself, knowing you’re met with genuine empathy and unwavering support. In our sessions, you can expect a high level of care, confidentiality and the development of a collaborative relationship where we can work together to identify goals, and craft personalized strategies for growth and healing. Drawing from a blend of therapeutic modalities, I tailor my approach to suit your unique needs. Together, we'll navigate life's transitions, leveraging your strengths to overcome obstacles and work towards positive changes aligned with your authentic goals and values. As a first-generation American with a multifaceted background and roots in Belize, I deeply value the richness of individual identities and intersectionality. Together, we can explore your personal experiences, successes, and challenges while honoring your culture, gender, sexual orientation, age and other unique aspects of your identity and life story. Having guided clients through life transitions, relational issues, family of origin issues, anxiety, depression, trauma and more, my commitment is to provide personalized support that fosters lasting well-being. I'm here to empower you to rewrite your life narrative and embrace your authentic self. I invite you to begin this therapeutic journey with me as your ally, on the path of self discovery, growth and empowerment. 

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Pebble Beach

“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best”

P Valry


“I just had my first visit and I couldn’t be more excited to go back. Dr. Haynes made me feel comfortable immediately. He’s good at asking questions and leading toward specific points. I appreciated that he didn’t push his opinions or beliefs. He simply makes connections between your examples and helps break them down. I’ll definitely be returning.”


Rock Balancing

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